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NewDrawers.com was created as a subsidiary of 3 Day Kitchens, for those homeowners who aren’t ready to spend the time or money to do a full kitchen reface/remodel, however need a kitchen tune-up, which consists of replacing the existing old worn out cabinet drawer boxes and adding space saving rollout shelves.

Why New Drawers?

The answer is simple: We start by replacing your old, worn out drawer boxes and slides while keeping and reattaching the existing drawer faces. No more hassling with stuck drawers or cleaning up saw dust all over your pots and pans from drawers rubbing against bases. Finish off the tune-up by adding specialty roll-outs that will create better use and functionality of the space you have.

About 3 Day Kitchens

3 Day Kitchens simplifies and streamlines the entire kitchen refacing process and we focus on 3 main principles of customer service: Speed, Quality and Personalized Service. 3 Day Kitchens has revolutionized the kitchen refacing industry by removing the nightmares. No subcontractors, minimum mess, disruptions or missing parts. Our specialized service guarantees high-quality design, workmanship, efficiency and safety. And, we promise to finish on time, which is usually in 3 days or less.